Jquery Menu Bar

After not finding any good jquery menu bar i have created one for my own which for anyone to use and redistribute. In this tutorial we will see how to create menubar like below one.

Download the zip file from here containg example file, CSS and JS files. Extract the zipped folder there will be 4 files in it. Description for each is given below.

How to create Menu Bar

One can create menu bar in any element by specifying the id. I will now show the step by step process to create the menu bar for your component.

Customizing Menu Bar

For customizing the menu bar the content one has to look into the "createMenu.js" file which is very much self explainatory but i will give intruction for how-to customize it.

p.s - Menu is customized to add two hierarchy of items if you want to have more than 2 you have to hack into the "createMenu()" and use "createMenuName()" and "createLi()" function for creating more levels of hierarchy.

Any queries are welcome.